Abu Dhabi town 1963

Abu Dhabi town 1963

The Manager of the British Bank of the Middle East (BBME), Abu Dhabi house.

[Note – the most expensive commodity in Abu Dhabi was water. In the early days all drinking water was brought in by barge from Dubai down the coast. It was not until early 1963 that a water distillation plant was built in Abu Dhabi, enabling saltwater be turned into drinking water. The monthly cost of drinking water for the Manager’s house was about the equivalent of sterling £100 per month, when you consider that a carton of 200 Rothmans king size cigarettes cost the equivalent of 45 pence (sterling) or a bottle of Gordon’s gin 37.5 pence (sterling) or a bottle of Haighs whisky 40 pence, then water was like gold!. Probably more expensive than that too!]

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