Henna is a type of plant that has been used for centuries to extract colors for dyes. It has been used in artwork and for clothing. Henna has also become very popular for body art and decorating. There is a great deal of protein found in henna so it is good for the skin. Many people also use it on their hair in order to get more life back into it. Henna is often available in many different colors in the form of a powder. You simply add water to the Henna in order to create your art or for your hair.

Henna can be very fun to use and it is perfectly safe for the body. It isn’t permanent so many people love to sport henna designs instead of getting a tattoo somewhere on their body. The use of henna is more popular in the summer time though due to people showing off more skin. They often place designs on their backs, stomachs, and even on the tops of their feet.

In some cultures around the world the use of henna is symbolic. They may place it all over their bodies before certain events or ceremonies. In other areas though it just something to mess around with. There are templates you can use to get certain henna designs as well. For those that aren’t very artistic on their own abilities this is a great way to have fabulous henna designs in no time.

Very few people have shown any type of allergic reaction when they use henna. If you experience any trouble with breathing, you get a rash, or the skin under the henna design begins to burn you need to wash the area very well with soap and water. If you continue to have such symptoms you should seek medical attention especially if the problem is with your ability to breathe normally.

In almost all instances of henna allergic reactions though it has been found that other ingredients mixed in with the henna were responsible. It is important that you read the information on the henna kit to identify what all ingredients it contains. This way you can find out if something you have a known allergic reaction to is present. Some people think henna is all natural but that isn’t always the case.

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