Hong Kong airport where we change planes

Hong Kong airport where we change planes

14 April, 10:00am Hong Kong Time, 9:00p.m. Toronto

That was a tough flight. Aside from the cramped
quarters and frustrating movie system (I missed the
beginnings of four different films). It was just a
long drag of time. Barb was unable to get any sleep,
I managed to get three hours. What seemed to make it
worse was that all but the last two hours were in
total darkness, we literally chased the night across
nearly half the world. Seventeen hours of night is
plenty, thank you.

Hong Kong is warm and humid. The airport shopping was
quite something. I literally looked for ten minutes
to find a store that sold water. It was a tiny shop
off the main floor (surrounded by Prada, Gucci, and
other stores of the super-rich).

From the ads on Cathay Pacific (on the TV and
in-flight magazine), to the ads in the Vietnam Airways
magazine. It is clear that there is an international
spa and golf jet-set crowd from the non-western
nations. The amount of money sloshing around must be
huge to support the life represented here ("Are you
living the Inter-Continental Lifestyle?). I suppose
you see more of your own culture when it’s absent than
you do when you are immersed in it. The ads geared
towards the newly rich of Shanghai, Kuala Lumpur and
Dubai dont look to the West. They look to Asian
pride and standards of excellence. They are aiming
not to match the West so much as to show the world
what the new standard should be.

We’re now on a Vietnam Airlines flight to Hanoi (we
land in an hour). The seats are much roomier. For
breakfast they offered beef noodles or pancakes.
Thinking I would get some Vietnamese savory pancakes,
that’s what I asked for. I got waffles and syrup
(with a side packet of chili paste). I’m looking
forward to real food in a restaurant and a chance at a

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