Jumeirah Beach

Jumeirah Beach

Jumeirah is a coastal residential area in Dubai, United Arab Emirates mainly comprising low rise private dwellings. It has both expensive and large detached properties as well as more modest town houses built in a variety of architectural styles. The area is popular with Western expatriates working in the emirate and is familiar to many tourists visiting Dubai.

Historically, Arabs living in the Jumeirah were fishermen, pearl divers and traders. In modern times (1960 onwards) Jumeirah was the principal area for western expatriate residences, but the huge expansion of the emirate since 1995 has seen a growth in housing developments across Dubai.

Jumeirah is generally agreed to be one of the most exclusive parts of Dubai and this has led to the use of the Jumeirah name as a brand which signifies exclusivity. There has been a great deal of hotel and leisure construction along Jumeirah Beach including the world famous Burj Al Arab hotel.

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